Budgets can seem complicated, hard to stick to, or just scary: “Does this mean no more iced mocha lattes?!” But when they’re kept clear, simple, and realistic, budgets are your money’s best buddy.


Budgeting means cutting out all the things you enjoy.


MYTH. That takeout order or new pair of sneakers isn’t going to ruin your financial future. While small changes can help your bottom line, a realistic budget will include flexible spending for things that you want—you just have to be sensible and track where your money’s going.

Take a Few Moments to Learn About Budgeting

4 easy steps to making a
personal budget

A simple hack to keep your
shopping cart on track

A budget for people who
don’tlike budgets

4 easy steps to making a personal budget

The whole idea of a budget might seem overwhelming—but it’s easier than you think.

1. Start by looking back
Review your spending from the last six months to understand your regular purchases and bills, plus any savings contributions or unexpected costs.

2. Create categories
Categorize your spending into entertainment, food, housing, utilities, etc. This isn’t about setting harsh limits—it’s about knowing where your money’s going.

3. Find your formula
There are a few popular formulas for budgeting, like the 50/30/20 rule and reverse budgeting, which is covered in another o