To become an investor, you can start with a few bucks—or just spare change rounded up from your purchases. Acorns does the rest—so let’s invest.


To start investing in stocks and bonds, you need a lot of money.


MYTH. You just need to know where to start. The money gurus at Acorns make it easy to get started investing. Explore the Acorns app to learn more.

Take a Few Moments to Learn How You Can Invest

Round up with your spare change.

It all adds up.

Let a squirrel be your guide.

Round up with your spare change.

With Acorns, you can invest as you spend. Make a purchase with your Acorns Visa™ debit card or another linked card, and Acorns gives you the opportunity to round up your transaction to the nearest dollar and invests the change into your Acorns Invest account portfolio—giving your money the chance to start growing right away.    

Spend $22.30 on gas? 70 cents gets pumped into your investment account. $12.65 on a pizza? That’s 35 cents invested—a small slice that adds up over time. 

Who knew investing could be so easy? 

“I’ve heard people who set up their debit card so that any purchases made are automatically rounded up and that extra bit is invested. Change contributions can really add up!

During the pandemic, eating out at restaurants wasn’t an option so a lot of people would take the money they usually spent out at dinner and invest it as if they went to dinner. $25 a week turned into $35, which turned into $45, and ultimately $60 a week. Same thing goes with cancelling a monthly subscription or paying off a bill. It’s important to be disciplined with saving money and investing for the future.”